by Sana
(Canada )

Lost inside myself

Tears staining my face
Blood dropping from my cuts
No one left to care

Broken friendships everywhere
I loved you but I wasn't enough
Now you're gone and I'm alone
in a crowd of people

No one left to see
The pain in my eyes
I'm only a waste of space
No one left to care

I want to be buried 10 feet beneath the ground
No one likes me anyway
No way to deal with it all
Happiness isn't my friend

I want to be buried 10 feet beneath the ground
No one would care anyway
They'll be happy to get rid of me
A nuisance lifted off their chests

I'm lost inside myself
Tears staining my face
Blood dripping from my cuts
I think I'll do it tonight


A Thousand Years

I can't put into words how awful I feel
I could give you a thousand words
But none would would come even close to how I feel
My cuts can talk for me
There'd be no one to cry after reading my suicide note
That's just how alone I am
I swear I'm not seeking attention
I just can't deal with these horrible feelings anymore
I hope I die tonight



I think it is good that you are finding a way to capture your feelings. It can be a productive part of the process ... as long as you are using it as a way to process your feelings ... not feed off of them.

I know you are in pain and, as I wrote earlier, I do hope that you find the strength to reach out and get some professional help very soon. There is no shame in seeking out support and help from others.

Find a place in you that wants to live. That wants to be happy. Then find the courage to do something about it.

Each and everyone of us suffers. It is how we deal with it that makes all the difference.

Each and everyone of us have a bright light inside us waiting to shine. Find that light and let it guide you to a better place.

Please be safe.


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