life is a grave


believe we live in a grave

believe torture our pleasure
we-live our bellies we treasure
ina-grave appearance our measure

here 'finish school...' what's virtue,
is our golden rule for whom but a statue
'life will be beautiful!' with no dues to pursue?

here i am stuck, i hear peace is a dream,
got no work, equality,liberty,a game,
morrow looks dark! a flag,a banner,anthem!

may end up in a bar many have so fallen-
selling or buying liquor down they lie,down;
or becoming a suitor. no more tales to tell-
wont frown wont smile!

i never had a choice, neither tell a joke
i never had a voice, nor take a walk
interwoven in this noise! and yet they still will
breath inhale exhale

preacher says i repent- and yet they kill and heal
he eats meat come rent- and prefer heaven to hell!
church funds he spent!

i was born on a mat,
i was raised in dirt,
should i die eating dust?

it's never been worse,
from hand to mouth,
and pain our bliss!

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Sep 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

nice poem :)

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