by Ramona B-L Spade
(Winnipeg MB. Canada)

Hurt is bloody red

All you wanted is me in bed

You played a game
Making me ashamed

Now I look back to it
Realizing you bottom on the pit

Hate is it own crew
Good thing we are threw

Like the members of hate crew your shallow
Hopefully youngins won’t follow

Terrified just masked to be tough
You really thought I like it rough

You got what you wanted and ran
Well life goes on, I’ve got a plan

Keeping my chin high
Touching hand in hand with the sky

Nothing will stop me from moving forward
Not even a useless coward



Thanks for sharing this with me and my other visitors. It sounds like your heart got broken and through your own personal strength you are able to stand strong, put it behind you and begin anew!

Stay strong, yet be gentle with yourself. Know that this too shall pass!

All the best,


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