Kay Hurricane

by kayla Patterson
(lawtey , florida )

I look down on da ground worrying why my life is so upside down.

It's a maze goin through my mind and folks wonder why I'm so down cause I'm goin through a hurricane that's out of control and their's no sunlight in this world for me.

I can't take this no more. It's like a hurricane, a hurricane my life is so damaged and don't know what to do with this hurricane.

My friends telling me just hang in there I say yall don't know how this feels. Grandma telling me It's gone be okay, but you don't understand you never had this pain so let me explain.

I'm so torn out my heart is in a hole there's no love in me, this bittersweet is killing me.

Feels like I'm fallin and I can't get up , the sun don't even shine. It's a cold clouded world for me , this hurricane is getting over me.


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