I Feel It

by Shanique Wallace
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The feelings.

Oh I wish they would come back to me again.
The feelings I would feel as a child.
Running around with my brother and the other children at the babysitters.
The feelings.
The expressions.
I'm disconnected now.
From them, from you, from my hopes and dreams.
I'm sad and it drags me down to the point where I consider doing something seriously crazy.
But I don't.
Because although I am anxious and depressed,
I have to do well.
My mother wouldn't want me to be sad and down.
My grandmother wouldn't want to see me sick and unwell.
My teachers wouldn't want to see me in a news report on those who have passed this week.
I want to keep moving although I feel sad and anxious.
I want to prove myself wrong.
keep out all this sadness and bring in positivity.
I hurt every.single.day.
Don't get me wrong.
But I don't want today to be the way in which I leave this earth.
I want to keep trying.
I will never give up.
Depression doesn't define me entirely.
I define my depression.
But not for long.

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May 30, 2019

by: Dana

Thank you so much for sharing this with me and my visitors! I love, love, love that you are standing up for your right to live a kickass life! You deserve to be happy! And, you're right, depression doesn't define you. It's not who you are, it's just how you feel!

Depression it treatable! You can overcome this for good! I did it, my clients have done it and you can too.

Never give up. Instead, stand up, step in and stand out!

Big hugs,


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