by Silvia

I found this person

This person who's feelings worsen
This person said that he might kill himself tonight
I would have told him no, but this person is online
I do not know about him, but I do worry.
If you are about to commit suicide don't
You'll make the hugest mistake of your life
Please don't do this at all. You might ruin someone's life and your own.



I am sorry I didn't publish this earlier. I have been very sick and did not check my submissions. I truly hope that your friend has not committed suicide and has chosen the find support and help so that he can get better. Also, there are some suicide and other depression hotlines that he can reach out to.

I can really feel your concern. I hope that he is okay. Even though you only know him online it sounds like he has a good friend in you.

All the best,


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