Girlfriend Feeling Unhappy and Unloved

by kieron

Hello my girlfriend of three years has gotten into a predictable habbit of aggressive mood swings, emotional break downs and just feeling unloved. I try my very best all the time to make life as easy as possible for her but it is hard for me to see her this way.

Her history and family life is aggressive for lack of a better word. She grew up with unloving parents and they still show little to none. I am nineteen and she is eighteen we are very much happy but there is something strange about these arguments every three to six months, they include things like saying I have changed and I just don't know how I feel.

Is she depressed and how can I help!



I am terribly sorry that I am getting back to you so late. Somehow this submission slipped by me and I am just finding it.

If she has grown up in a sterile, unloving environment it is highly likely that she is depressed in some way. If she is getting aggressive it could be an outward expression of repressed pain, longing, suffering.

Have things gotten better since you originally submitted this?

One thing that struck me is how much you care. However, it is really important that you support her without trying to fix it. She will need to find the courage and strength within herself to want to get better. When she does get to that point I recommend she find a professional that she can confide in. They can give her objective support and help to determine an appropriate treatment plan that can kick start her healing process.

I do hope that things are better since you wrote this. If not, please feel free to reach out and I promise to get right back to you!!

Also, you might want to look at my page where I have listed a host of support numbers that are available. Some are in your neck of the woods. Not only are they available for those suffering from depression, domestic violence, and other things but they are also a good place to start for loved ones looking for ways to help.

Wishing you all the best,


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