Encounters of the Usual Kind

by Anna

No plagiarizing, then? Good, as I expressly forbid it.

I can almost taste the silver of my eyelids when I close them,
Choices, they say, choosing to turn away
A half-sob is a fisted hand in a pocket and
A great love for the apple in my hand, the crisp skin, cool green
Radiance, and I walk, and I have my apple, and
There they are. I talked, yesterday. I try to smile hello, but too soon?
There are several feet of awkwardness before the awkwardness starts
With a frownile, hybrid happiness. My own creation,
I will keep it, pledge it till the day I-
Don't know what I want to happen, to happen to me, I have just only decided
Not to pick up the razor, and already there are people staring at me, blinking,
Breathing the sunlight out of the air and I want to go photosynthesize with them
And the corners of my mouth tug up into a smile, and they don't know its because
I'm weird, and one of them actually smiles back.


No plagiarizing indeed! Thanks, Anna, so much for sharing. It is truly beautiful. I am proudly publishing your page. I hope you enjoy my site and welcome you back anytime!


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