by Rat
(Hell )

I am a mess;
Laying in a chaotic half-bedroom,
On an inflatable bed, on a pile of bloodstained blankets and stuffed animals, disregarded.

I am a hurricane;
Powering through everyone around me and leaving their lives a mess,
A slave to my own vices as I listen to music that I hope makes me cool, self-indulgent.

I am a sadist;
A creature who only entertains itsself with the issues of others,
Because my own no longer satiate my hunger, my desire to be powerful and self-led.

I am a wildfire;
Choking people with my atmosphere,
Burning those who thought it was safe to get too close to the inferno before them.

I am delusional;
Repeating a mantra I no longer believe in,
To people whom I cannot recognize anymore.

I am a virus;
Invading, clutching, breaking everything I touch,
Cracking the foundations of houses, slithering between your lips as you kiss me.

I am empty.
I am pathetic.
I am stupid and selfish.

I am nothing.

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