by Lindsey
(Grand Island, Ne)

Does this last forever?? Can you get relief from this depression?



Thank you for reaching out. Depression is very common with over 19 million Americans suffering every day. Unfortunately, they suffer needlessly. With a proper treatment plan, depression can be treated. And, those who begin treatment will feel much better in a just a couple of weeks!

If you have not been diagnosed by a mental health professional, I recommend that as a first step. Once you get a proper diagnosis you can work with your counselor to determine an appropriate treatment plan designed specifically for you. And, once you begin treatment, you will start to feel so much better!

You can also take a depression test here on my site. However, this is just an indicator and should not be used for formal diagnosis. A professional is needed to really diagnose you.

Here are a few phone numbers you can call to find some support:

Suicide Hotline - 800-784-2433
Depression talk Hotline - 800-273-8255

They are 800 #'s so they should work in your area.

Thank you for reaching out. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me again. I am always happy to help!

All the best,


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