Does a Lack of Friends
Make Me Depressed?

by Dana
(The Netherlands)

I don't have many friends and this makes me feel sad. I cry over things so easily. I'm even crying while writing this.

Everytime I want to go somewhere I'm very enthusiastic about it but then I realise that I have no one to go with. I find it very hard to make friends and I am a little socially awkward.

I want to stop being so insecure and I want to stop crying over little things. I have low self esteem. I want to change, I really want to but I don't know how I can.

This has been going on ever since my best friend started hating me for no good reason.


Dana (love the name by the way!),

It sounds like you are very lonely which does lead to low self esteem and self doubt.

First thing that comes to mind is what do you like to do? What interests do you have? A great place to start is by connecting with people you have something in common with.

If you like photography, art, fashion, quilting, scrapbooking....whatever it is.... seek out people that have the same interests.

One great place to start is at Meetup dot Com This is a great way to search groups in your area based on topics you are interested in. You can join them, learn about gatherings, and meet like minded people.

I am sure you are an amazing person - even in your "socially awkward" way (as you put it)! Sometimes it's just a matter of fining the right venue where you can thrive, be yourself, be supported an enjoy being all that you are!

I hope you find a few groups you can join! Keep me posted!

All the best,


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