by SB
(Richardson TX)

Here I am crying once again, needing you here with me. Needing a friend more than family.

They pick and they tease. Not taking anything seriously.

It kills me inside while I'm crying on the out. Hiding my tears and my friends only see me way out.

My ex he calls and I hide it all. Acting all happy when am I anaw?

Depression is killing me and I have no where to turn. Step by step I have to learn.

You can't trust everyone and you can't get love from anyone. Sometimes not even from your own.
It's depression I'm trying to disown.

But it takes more than me there to learn. It takes someone being there when I make that turn.


Thanks for sharing with me and my visitors. This is really touching. I truly hope that you find someone there when you make that turn.

All the best,


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