The Cold Hard Truth

by Noelle Capps
(Fuquay Varina NC.)

Lets just say

If a car was coming towards me,
I wouldn't scream,
I would just stand there.



While your words are few, they are very powerful. I can completely sense your feeling of emptiness, despair ... and even darkness.

A few months ago I was with a client and she talked about her own feelings of depression. She explained how she could never take her own life but that she tells God everyday that she is ready when he is. That when it happens, she won't fight it. She will surrender and, with relief, leave her life on earth behind.

That was back in December. Since then, we spent a lot of time peeling back the layers to determine just why she is struggling ... deep down what is she afraid of .. why is she so hopeless.

Ultimately, she gathered the strength and courage to fight for her existence, to honor herself for who she is ... faults, mistakes and all ... and to ultimately forgive herself and others who have failed her.

By accepting herself she freed herself of the weight that rested on her shoulders. She empowered herself to live again. To be the best she can be ... to heal the wounds that once paralyzed her.

She wants to beat her depression. She decided to fight for herself ... no matter how painful the process may be.

You see, looking deep inside, identifying the pain and working through it is not easy. But, it is liberating in the end. It frees you from the trap that you are in. It empowers you to be the best you can be inspite of how hard others try to keep you down.

I invite you to find and surround yourself with love and support and to distance yourself from others that don't have your best interest at heart.

I encourage you to find the strength and courage to dig down deep, face the pain head on and honor your journey.

We are all imperfect, complex humans. We need to treat ourselves with love and respect before we can expect it from others. It starts from within. With that said, it is always good to ask for strength, love and support from God, the Universe ... whatever feels right to you.

I am sending you light and love,


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