Depression Poems:
The Animal Within

by Nate
(Healdsburg, CA)

Anger, hatred, these are my friends

I do not give faith, encouragement, or hope
I cry out in rage, my patience is thin
No good can I do, nor do I want to do

I rule all my world, at least through my eyes
Selfishness and greed are sweet to my soul
Nothing can stop me, not even my will
It's too late for mercy, I've chosen my destiny

No one stands in my way
Most dare not even look
I understand their shock
It's how I once felt

My mind is sharp as freshly made dirk
I use it to wound, do evil, and kill
My hope for this world is to watch it burn
No good can I see or do I want here

When my time is done
I'll look back in glee
For my scars will be left
None escape from me

No one can want this life that I live
It's hardly a burden, it's more of a gift
The thrill of this evil is more than I deserve
I shall not hold back why must I forgive

Some call me an animal, others a maniac
I take both with pleasure as compliments would
And give not my sentiment
For this, is the greatest sin



Wow! This is very powerful and very dark. I am publishing this in support of your need to express yourself in this way. However, I do hope that you find a path that will bring you to light, love and hope and that you choose to walk on that path as opposed to embracing the dark, evil energy that consumes you.

Love is a much more powerful, much more rewarding emotion to embrace than hatred. I hope that you will soon discover this for yourself.


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The Animal Within

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Oct 20, 2011
Depression and Aggression are Fraternal Twins
by: Nalini

How candid you are in expressing such emotions....I do feel like this most fo the times and feel that haterd aimed towards myself for most of the time but will readily agree that I have also "wished" the "worst" for some of my adversaries real or imagined...I know violence is bad but we do take antibiotics to kill the germs. dont we?

May 08, 2011
From the Author
by: Nate

This isn't what I have chosen to embrace. It is merely an example of what could have been had I made different choices. Every time I read this poem I am sickened with the evil that it contains. But thank you for expressing your concern.


I am very happy to hear that! The fact that you are expressing your lower self, acknowledging that it's there, but choosing to make different choices tells me how self aware, powerful, courageous and strong you are.

We all have a lower self and, as you illustrate, we all have choices of what we choose to embrace. It's that choice that ultimately determines our destiny. Glad to see you decided to flourish! That is awesome!

Thanks again so much for sharing! Come back anytime!

All the best,


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