Depression Poems:

You see that girl crying

The pain in her eyes
Irises heavy with fear and sadness
She looks well past you
As if she’s empty inside

The sounds of her past
Tingle her eyes
The memories hurt too much
She looks away

There is no life
Left inside of her
They took it all away
They fall
Puddles on the ground
She’s looking down

You see that girl crying
But you daren’t ask her why
Silently she’s begging
But she fears her own voice
She wants you to notice
To answer her cries
She cries

Tears pouring down
But she doesn’t notice
Just like
They don’t notice her

You see that girl crying
And yes
She sees you
To her
You could be
That one thing
But to you
She’s an eyesore

Someone take her home
She shrinks within herself
For her
Tears don’t wash
Rather stain her cheeks

Water does not bring life
It is a reminder
That no matter
How obvious
No one cares

You see that girl crying
And what do you do
Her tears burn her face
Leaving scars
For everyone to see

But it’s too late
Too long
Too much to bear
And so
She falls
Like a tear drop

As she comes
Crashing down
A flood
To finally take
The torment
From her eyes
She melts away
Fades from the picture
Like the sadness in her eyes
Pieces float away

No one knows
No one cares
She is gone
She let her tears
Sail her away

You saw that girl crying
Now she is gone
And when it rains
She haunts you
Like the distant look
In her eyes

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Oct 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

i like this poem. it really gets the message across.

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