Depression Poems: Sink Or Swim

by Jake H

There is a hole inside my chest

it’s burning through my empty heart
I’m empty and it’s burning
I’m sinking in deeper
I don’t know how to stay alive
I just want to rest my head
I think I'll be better off dead
Will I sink or swim? 
will I sink or swim?
I’m sinking deeper
I can’t swim this deep
my heads to far under
I can’t hit the surface
I’m drowning in my own sorrow
I can’t keep this up much longer
I’m sinking deeper
this is a hollow feeling inside
that no poisons can satisfy 
no ones love will fill this up
I think I might be drowning
my sorrow is killing me
deeper and deeper I sink 
no one here to pull me up
no one here to dive right in
pull me up and get me out
I’m in way to deep this time
I can’t hold on much longer
I can not reach the surface
oh god please help me through this
my heart is empty
my chest is burning
my life is ending 
I’m sinking
I can’t swim much longer



Your words are so expressive of the pain you are feeling. I do hope that God answers your prayers and that you will find light in the midst of all of your darkness.

Have you sought treatment? If not, I encourage you to reach out for help and treatment. It doesn't have to be this way. You can beat this with a little courage, faith and perseverance!

Sending you light and energy,


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