Depression Poems: See

by Chelsea Gray

If you could see my pain
Would you treat me the same
Would you put me down all the time
If you could see how much I cry
Would you hurt me so much
If you saw all my cuts
Would you take back what you've done to me
If you saw the real me
Would you change your ways
If you felt all my pain
Would you apologize if you knew
How much I wanted to die
If you saw my open wounds dripping with blood
Would you change some
If you looked through my eyes
Would you want me not to cry
If we switched places
You would truly see
How hard it is to be me



You have written a powerful poem and I hope that you found it therapeutic to write it and share it with others. I can really feel your pain come through.

Are you writing about feelings that you are having now, in the present? If so, I hope that you are seeking help, support and treatment so that you can recover and become a happy woman again.

Depression is very tough to deal with when it is untreated. There are so many effective treatments out there that are really helping people live happy, productive lives again. I encourage you to reach outfor help, if you haven't already, so you can be one of them!

I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing!


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May 02, 2012
Trying to Explain
by: Anonymous

Depression is inside me for so long it took to see, but suddenly I'm losing everyone all around me. They blame it on my new life, the new path I choose to lead. I wish they all could see the depression inside of me. Maybe then they could see it's always been in me. Now I know it's there it gives me all new fear.

Somedays I don't awaken. I'm wasting the life given to me. They gave me medication I can not take. They make me feel so useless - like I'm not really there. I'm not really me. So do I take this help so I stop losing all I know or do I stay like this ~ a feeling I'm to ashamed to show... my first atempt to let how I feel out.

Depression pills make me numb. I don't feel like I'm even me. How do others feel about them?


It sounds like you are really struggling with this battle of yours and I am sorry to hear that. Are you working with a mental health professional? I'd encourage you to find a qualified therapist, get a formal diagnosis and then, together, agree on an appropriate treatment plan that you can implement so you can feel better.

If you have the feelings you stated when you take your meds then it is likely that you are on the wrong meds or too high of a dose. Again, this is purely speculation. Working with a qualified professional can help you answer so many of these questions.

Please don't give up. While it is a huge struggle now, with the right treatment plan in place you can and will feel better. It is possible and probable to recover from depression.

I pray that you will have the courage to reach out and get the help and support you need.

All the best,


Jul 12, 2011
by: Chelsea

Thanks for the comment ...I write about the past and present ..this poem is about both... I have depression and I'm bipolar and have PTSD....and I've found that writing has been an effective coping skill....i started writing to replace cutting ..



Good for you! Writing, journaling, etc. is so therapeutic! Glad to see you're getting the cutting under control.

If you have other poems to share stop in again! I'm happy to publish them so that you can be heard!


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