Depression Poems:
Ramblings of a Crazed Mind

by Nalini
(Hell Hole)

1 I am accepting change,
it feels so strange, is this the benumbing experience of age?
Since while in youth
I still fought for truth

2 Broken beyond repair
a bird cries out in despair...
in this strange land
were it has no friend..
just the by-standers to her grief...
who try to offer some relief...
but it's all in vain
they don't understand the language of her pain..
it wishes it had not taken this flight ...
it's too late and useless to fight

3. Running into the setting Sun
makes me feel
like my end has just begun..
no wonder there is something so special about the East (Pun intended)

4. It's Dejavu
when I am with you.
You the beautiful flower,
Me the one with the scar
You always better then the best,
Me , who never passed any test
claps for you and slaps for me.
I always avoided the likes of you
And look here you found me out of the blue
Leave me alone since your existence and identity
Is not dependent on my tears and insanity

5 Vanity till Eternity,
Questions Sanity of Identity
You are so pure that
even a nun feels insecure
You are so loud
That it shames the thundering cloud
so full of Hot air
As if I really care

Even after I travel so many miles away
I find people acting in the same predictable way
seems to me that all the moulds
of people ever made and sold
came from the same kiln
...operated by Chinese men

On my life I have no control
So at least in death I want to play the most important role.


This is very beautiful and so expressive. It reminds me of the song "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry which is a beautiful, touching song. Specifically, your last words remind me of some of the last lyrics -"funny when your dead how people start listening". A sad line but sometimes so true for so many of us.

Thank you, Nalini, for sharing yourself with me and my visitors.

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