Depression Poems: Pain of an Insane

by Nalini
(Truth or Consequences)

I feel so hollow deep inside
I will crumble if you hold me tight
No light at the end of tunnel
Just a long road with no end to struggle

Slim are the chances of my survival
nothing can ever commence my revival.

You think I am strong
We know you are wrong
don't wipe my tears, they help me heal
Rest of my pain I do conceal

Don't mock at me or my imagined fears
There have been few answers to my unending prayers,

It's true I will not respond to your insensitive jeers

The bond I had with the rest of you
Seems a flimsy coweb, got little to rescue


You are very talented Nalini! I am happy to publish your poems so you can express yourself and share it with others. You can truly be an inspiration here!

I saw that you are from T or C! I grew up in NM and spent most of my childhood summers at Elephant Butte Lake! I no longer live in NM but get back a few times a year. Spent last 4th of July hanging out on Long Point with my family. Even got to hand feed the goats that live on the Elephant. It was pretty amazing! I love being on (or by) the water! It is where I can truly find peace!

I hope you have a place where you can find peace as well.

Buenos noches, mi amiga y gracias!


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Oct 20, 2011
Thanks or rather Gracias Dana
by: Nalini

Dana Thank U! I know what I am...just a dry strand of straw. Sapless hapless. I am able to write my thoughts and even that is a surprise to me. Yes EB is truly beautiful. Thank you for creating this place. u must be a very sensitive soul to do this


Nalini - Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I am glad that you have found my site as a place to express yourself. Self expression is so important. As important is self acceptance. It saddens me to see you describe yourself as a "dry strand of straw". I am sure you are an amazing person and I hope that, on this journey, one day you'll think of yourself as amazing too! ]

Buenos Tardes, mi amiga!


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