Depression Poems: **Lost**

by Natalia Mamonova



Alone and forgotten she stands in the rain,

Feeling how droplets mix with the pain.

She's lost in gray fog, in a monochrome world,
And dreams she once had are thoughtlessly swirled.

She inhales the smoke, it gets harder to breathe,
She's becoming the one no one wants to forgive.

And it's too late to catch that one happy moment,
Its already late to see the blue sky,

With tears in her eyes she writes a whole sonnet,
With ache in her heart she's beginning to fly.



That is so expressive and heartfelt. I can feel such hopelessness in what you write. I do hope that you are simply expressing yourself and not feeling hopeless as your poem suggests?

You are clearly a very talented writer. What a gift to my site and my visitors. Thank you so much for sharing.

If you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out.


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Sep 11, 2011
Thank You, Dana
by: Natalia Mamonova

Thanks...I'm not really depressed. Like you said, I'm just expressing myself,though people do often mistake these kind of things as a sign that I actually feel that way.

I actually wrote about 3 poems like this one and when I showed it to my dad, he kind of started to get mad at me, saying that I am only 14 and shouldn't have those kind of thoughts, it took me so long to explain it to him that it is not about me, though when he said that if I write this , it still comes from my experience and I still write partly about myself, I actually thought he might be right.

I suppose sad feeling is my only source of inspiration, I can't remember the last time i wrote something happy, but I don't mind it at all, I actually really like writing this stuff, it makes me feel like I'm showing the world who I am, and seeing how people react to it, saying thats its very nicely written makes me happy...I just can't write as good as this about happy things. I guess thats just who I was, who I am and who I will always be :)



It is so great that you have a way to express yourself and you do it so well. Writing poems and journaling can be so therapeutic.

Again, thanks so much for sharing yourself with me and my visitors. Stop by anytime!


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