Depression Poems:
Killing Nightmare

by Olusa Phemmie

My hands down and helpless

then watching my heart die
only people stucked in that
nightmare can understand my
distress. And this makes me
stand aloof, cuz most words
people say around me relates to
me in a way and the truth comes
back to hurt my delicate heart;

Then my mind travels far to a
paradise and I picture a home
with happy family
and when am back I get a knock-
out about my own broken home
the fate that has been hunting
me right from childhood

I want to raise my hand and
fight back, but all i feel are
broken bones, faded voice,
if you understand my agony
or I picture my own children and
I can hear my echos in their
voice, my blood in their veins.

Will they all be cast in my outside
world? And these are my worst
nightmare, the fear I couldnt bear
then follows the hate in me that I
find hard to locate and I don't
really know what am angry at,
Destiny or myself ?

And still I dont want to be a prey
to life. And I will never be

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