Depression Poems: Fight back

by Julie

You held my hand you held my heart

You always told me from the start

Will be there for you just be by my side
I did that with all my heart and pride

I saw you falling and fading away
I kept holding on what can I say

The darkness took you from out of my hand
No matter how hard I tried where did I stand

I went through your darkness and kept holding on
Tomorrow will be better just be strong

The demons within had gotten control
All I could do was try to hold on

Your anger transfused onto me like a wave
All I could do was try to stay brave

I thought our love for each other could withstand any wall
And so I went in and fought and climbed it all

Your demons fought back harder than ever
Your soul was crying out like never

You took those knives and cut to feel alive
I was right beside you trying to survive

Every cut that you made I wish I could have sealed straight away
But you kept on going to my shick and dismay  

I love you with every piece of my heart
Why can't we go back to the very start

Damn those demons for taking you from me
I wish I was stronger but now I see

It's only you that can rid them from your soul
I can not take their control

May you find it in your self to rise above the thought
That you are worth more than you were ever taught

Myself and our daughter need you more than you know
Please fight back learn and grow

Don't let the darkness win
Fight like a soldier from within

One day I hope to hold your hand and heart
One day I hope to go back to the start



Wow! What a very emotional poem you have shared with me and my visitors. Thank you.

It sounds like you have had to make some very hard choices. You are right, the person you love has to want to change, has to want to get better. You can not do it for them. It sounds like you have had to recognize that supporting your friend can turn into enabling them.

Sometimes we do have to make the hard choices and disconnect so that we can maintain healthy boundaries for ourselves and our kids.... all the while hoping that the ones we love find the strength and courage to get on the path to recovery and, ultimately, live a healthy life.

I truly hope your friend finds that path and is able to appreciate the amazing love you have in your heart.

All the best,


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