Depression Poems: Everything is Like This

by C. M.

No pleasure taken anywhere

every motion scrapes the bottom of the bucket
and no dry land
all I can see are the pores in my face
staring back at me in oily disgust
where's Mom and Dad?
and I have to go to work tomorrow at
the poisoner's shop who thinks he's
Walt Disney and Papa to all his bitter
minions who know he beats his wife
and drives a Jaguar like the asshole
he is and I take my pills so I can
Fight the Hun
only to see
my country fall to mud and second-rate
Chinese everything and written English
means nothing except trickery
grease coats every surface
and no one stops to greet you
when you come in, they steal each others' lunches
and laugh
I burn with hate, hate, to keep the cold out
but it finds the upstairs bed

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