Depression Poems:
Do you know why?

by Aisha Wahab

Do u know tearz roll dwn..

cuz my eyez r missin somone around..
missin someone whu cud heal d scratch..
missin smeone whu iz d prfct match...
I ws in d wrld of glee
wen i found it ws gone...
cuz it ws jst a piece of dream..
aftr wich vanishes my dawn.

Il nvr thot v'll end up soon...
frm decembr till d frst june..
srry if i lost d track nd tune...
cuz mah heart jst beats u nd only u.

U tell me u hve i believe
But as every day pases
it mks me cold in grieve... long as u stay please
b d same...Cuz i wana live
in dese days..nd like a person in luv..
nt insane....

I fell in luv wid u..frm d way u stared
D way u mesmerisd me to evry vein
D way u liked evry kiss u shared..
wich made me frget my tears in pain..
D way u smtymz frgt to say byez..
hehe i swear i cant sleep dose nightz..
D way u walk around nd luk for me...
i hide behind my frnz fr u nt to see...
I wana play wid ur hair..
wana dance widout a care..
nd see i frgot dat u'll b goin smwhr..

Cuz i ask mahslf..were u d reason
y i tumbled on mah way to home..
to catch d frst glimpse of ur txt on d fne..?
y i scribble ur name..evrywhr i go.?
y i dream u nd me in an UFO?
y i liked sticking tonge emotionz? :P
y i wore red evry secnd day?
y i clickd piks of d sky fr my thots to cnvey
dat u were d reasonz fr d abuv..

Now do u knw y my tearz roll dwn??
cuz mah eyez miss mah lyf'z..
puzzle piece around....
A piece whu ws unkwn to b found..
a piece i nvr wana lose nw..

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Do you know why?

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Jul 04, 2012
Very nice
by: Anonymous

This is really nice :')

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