Depression Poems:
D is for Depression

by David Ryan

Till the day I can’t wish or hope to reason my thoughts

The future I wish or hope to achieve seems quite bleak
Do I care for the day when my sorrows less and less
Or am I a custom to seeking terrors week after week

How dare I smile or laugh at the expense of my grief
Nights spent sleepless, a constant silence which never breaks
I share not my cruel thoughts, I wish upon myself
For that would be selfish, they are my mistakes

If at all my fears should shy and fade
If I look upon the past and wonder
Will it be of times never to be spoken?
Will the times ahead be just a whisper?

What becomes of a man who cries a thousand tears?
Is he less of a man to cry a thousand more?
And the hands which catch these tears
Never dry, like sand upon the shore

Even my eyes deceive colours that surround me
Green, is the growth of life, until it withers at last
Red, is the blood I seek to drain from my veins
Blue, is the sky and oceans of loneliness, cold and vast

I care not for news of my time, it will be forgotten
Grow stale, get lost or just left behind
How do I heal a pain which never dies?
This is the question unanswered of my mind

A familiar voice drowns out exterior light and sound
He brings me to a world I know as home now
It is dark, lonesome and neglect of hope
For this voice shows no mercy he lives by this vow

Life goes on and so does this dreadful ache
I watch friends learn, grow and move on
They turn corners only to re-appear as strangers
Only time can tell, if only I was as strong

And if at all something should happen me
I pray to someone who was never there
If only, if only I knew some truth
But still I pray for feelings I will not bare

And all upon me I feel the weight of the world
I feel my grip slip and fall into oceans deep
The water surrounds me but I do not struggle
For next is the long awaited, everlasting sleep



Thank you so much for your submission. It is a very good, very expressive poem packed with so many emotions. I'm sure my visitors will enjoy reading it as well.

Wishing you the best,


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