Depression Poems:
Controlled By A Masked Man

by C.M.Ferne
(England )

I can’t control any move, my head gives up soul comes to prove

The voices chant, the pain begins; I know I will never win

Crashing into tables, causing tears, but no one can know of this fear

When people enter I struggle to stop, act like I’m fine when I’m not

If I told people what’s going on, they’ll think that I'm crazy that I don’t belong

Who has a masked man in their heads, when takes over makes them feel dead

The voices are of the ones I love, it makes me scared to stay above

To face them, they don’t have a clue, I’m just stupid, a worthless fool

I have to keep focused, but he's in my mind, I can’t keep watching the time

Because I don’t have a choice when he gets free… I’m his puppet, in the count of three

He has me crashing falling with fears, dancing in pain hiding the tears

The voice can hurt, say cruel things, I makes me want to get a syringe

Jab in into my arm, push it down let the calm

Spread over me before it all ends, the idea of that is a good cleanse

But I can’t leave the voices, the people I love I have no choice

He's chosen his way wisely there’s no way back that’s likely…

To keep me safe from his words, calm from the wound the curse

He will never get out of my mind, till the real voice overpowers him, their time to shine

To come through the glass wall, which stop everyone before

I’m stuck in the darkness, he is definitely heartless

I know that he's coming again, my life killer but my soul’s revenge

He won’t want me to tell, he knows for me this place is hell

Because without the belief, of others, I will have no relief

Of this painful, dance, this rubbish prance
That the mask man controls


Wow! That is a powerful poem! I can feel your pain, your fear, your struggle. Your submission goes right to the core.

Some people write from their souls as a form of therapy. Very similar to journaling. I hope that this has been therapeutic for you.

Thank you so much for sharing with me and my other visitors. When I publish this it will be a live page on my site. My visitors will be able to read this powerful poem and, if you like, you can share it with others. In effect, you will now be a published poet (if you aren't already)!

Thanks again for the submission.

Wishing you all the best,


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