Depression Poems: Broken

by Morgan
(Front Royal)

The way I felt.
The way I smiled at you.
Did it mean anything? I am no longer alive.
There is no fire inside my heart.
Dark, lonely, cold, and thirsty.
Thirsty for your love. Waiting for a warm heart to light up the dark..
The scars marking my arms always seem to remind me.
Skin tells stories. The pain and sacrifices I have now made. Thrown in my face.
Everything I fear and have feared is standing in front of me.
As the dark consumes me, I fade away.


Wow! That is very powerful and so hearfelt. I can really feel your pain as I read your submission. Thanks so much for sharing.

While you are hurting right now, feeling so alone, so rejected, so hurt, remember that this too shall pass. I know it sounds so cliche but it really will. Know that you deserve nothing but the best and as long as you define healthy boundaries and demand respect, you will get it.

One day, you will find someone who appreciates you for the amazing person you are. Someone who will love you in spite your faults, in spite of the fact that you are not perfect - none of us are. We are imperfect, that's what makes us human. Anyone who expects otherwise isn't worth the time or effort.

Thanks for sharing and I do hope that you find the information on my site to be helpful as you face this personal challenge in your life. Please stop by any time. I wish you all the best on your journey.

Best wishes,


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