Depression Poems: A Crazed Mind

by Nalini
(Truth or Consequences)

I often wonder why
When I glance upon the endless sky
That wishes are made on shooting stars
Not the dependable Sun the moon or Morning star

Is it the fear of getting all we want
The empty feeling of impending drought
How is it we care for friends from lands afar
while our loved ones are neglected left to scar

"Me" "I" "Myself" free world looks the same to me from above.
When someone misses me it's not because they miss "me"....they miss just being defined in yet another way.

There is no hole no space not even some divine grace that will leave you all, when I crumble and am gone

Running into the setting Sun
makes me feel
like my end has just begun.

No wonder there is something so special about the East.

If my rhymes without a reason sound like fruits from another season ignore them as they are ramblings of a crazed mind

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