by Sana

Tears run down my face

Tears you'll never see
Thoughts run through my head
Thoughts you'll never hear
Those demons that you've seen
Those demons live inside of me
They've already destroyed everything that's left in me
Though I'm just a dead girl
Those demons have already killed me
You watch my smile carefully
But you, you my love were the one who killed me


This is a very powerful poem. I can feel your pain and I do hope that the clouds have started to lift and that you are starting to find light and love in your life again.

Remember that we can only feel the wrath of demons if we surrender to them and give them power over us. I hope you can find the courage and strength to conquer your demons and find the happiness and joy that you truly deserve. We all deserve to be happy. However, the path isn't always a straight line. Sometimes we have to do a few (or a lot) of zig zags along the way.

My hope is your path leads you to a place surrounded by love.


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