Dear Depression

by CR
(Los Angeles, CA, United States)

I called the receptionist to make an appointment with you
Why don’t you ever remember?
I scheduled for never
But you made another in home visit

I wasn’t expecting you
I heard you knock on the door
I looked out the peephole and saw no stranger
You were there
I saw you

But I tried to postpone it all
I ran out the back door
You tiptoed quietly behind me
Desiring nothing more than to be with me
Faithful to me and only me

I ran through the streets
I thought I had escaped you
Out of breath, I sprawled out on a curb
You comfortably sat down next to me
You put on a sad song
You handed me something indulgent to eat
You changed my eyes to see dark
You held my hand and whispered something that hurt my heart

You sent waves of tears down my cheeks
You told me hush child be alone
You leaned on me and I bared all of your weight

When it was done I bit down my nails
And I became angry at the world
Angry that I couldn’t see the stars
Angry I had been betrayed by myself yet again

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Jun 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

you've described it so perfectly, thank you for sharing this

Jun 21, 2017
Great Job!
by: Dana

Such a good illustration of how it can feel fighting to overcome depression. Thanks so much for sharing this poem. It will help to open the eyes of people who don't understand what it's like and resonate with the people who do.

Thanks so much for sharing this part of yourself with my visitors! I do hope that you have found your path to healing and happiness!

Big Hugs,


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