Adult Survivor of Maternal MBP..

by Ellen
(Wichita Falls Texas)

I am 44 and I recently found that I was an Adult survivor of MBP...Cared for her til her death in Feb. First abused at five months father physically abusive..hell pretty much. Name it I've been there with few exceptions..I can't find info. or others like me..What really happens to us?

Please help..I can't be the only one..Think I have Unipolar Depression with Psychotic features..I had no clue how sick I am..Saw counselor for 3 months..can't stay "here" long enough to explain.. A Hobbits Plea..



I am so sorry, Ellen. Are you talking about Myelin Basic Protein deficiency? I would love to help you but I am not sure what MBP is in the context that you used it. Please clarify and let me know what kind of answers or support you need. Once I get your reply I am happy to help!

With all that said, I am so sorry that you have endured so much abuse. I specialized in DV and it is heartbreaking to learn what some people have experienced. I hope you have found the support you need to work through it.

Write me back if you still want some input from me!



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