A Depression Poem: Doctor Doctor

by Jasmine

A Depression Poem: Doctor Doctor

I feel like a black cloud

I ruin conversations

If I say my thoughts out loud

Doctor Doctor

When I wake up I cry

Tears feel real

Everything else is a lie

Doctor Doctor

What's the point in this shit

I can never breathe properly

My throat's covered in grit

Doctor Doctor

What's this loud numbing sound

That fills my waking hours

Makes me want to be drowned

Doctor Doctor

Nothing is fun

I feel like I'm drugged

and I'm pretty much done



Thanks for submitting this poem and sharing your thoughts and feelings with me and my visitors.

What you feel is not unlike many who are depressed. So you are not alone and so many can understand what you're going through.

Have you reached out and/or gotten any professional help? Depression is totally treatable and there are so many treatment options available to you ... may that have been proven the help you overcome depression.

I do hope that you are able to get the support you need on this part of your journey. You are meant to be happy and you certainly deserve to be as well!

Don't give up on yourself. You are powerful beyond measure and can overcome this!

Sending love and light,


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