Bipolar Disorder:
What Happens if I Check into the ER?

by Alysa
(San Francisco)

I'm considering checking into the ER because of my bipolar disorder...I'm just scared about what will happen.

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This is a tough question to answer because I am not sure what the issue really is. When you say, "because of my bipolar disorder" what do you mean?

Are you on any medications to help with your Bipolar Disorder? If so, are you taking them on a regular basis? Bipolar disorder can be effectively managed when taking meds as prescribed. Unfortunately, more often than not, people stop taking the meds when they start feeling manic (happy) again, which causes the depressed state to resurface.

While I am not clear why you want to go to the ER, perhaps you should consider going to a mental health professional first? Consider calling depression hotlines as well.

If you feel an ER is necessary, know that they are professionals trained to support you in a way that would be appropriate.

In any event, I applaud your courage to reach out and wish you all the best.


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